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OceanWorks International Inc. is an independent company specializing in manned and unmanned subsea work systems for key international marine industries. Our value-added services include design, manufacturing, test and integration, project management, training and technical support for both commercial industry and military clients worldwide.

We are recognized world leaders in the fields of submarine rescue, atmospheric diving and life support systems, and specialized remote tooling systems. OceanWorks International understands the harsh realities of operating in the ocean environment. Our primary market focus is to support the international military and commercial offshore industries with innovative subsea solutions to meet their specialized work system requirements.

We provide unique solutions to challenging underwater problems by combining our technical skills and creative thinking with practical, hands on experience gained through years of involvement in offshore oil field and construction diving, military salvage, and robotic tooling system developments.

Company products include

Remote Intervention Tooling -

Includes standard tooling equipment and customized work packages. Standard tooling products can be defined as intervention equipment which is required to perform a common task such as torque tools, cable grippers and cutters. Customized work packages are systems which need to be developed to perform a specific intervention task. Such work packages can be relatively simple systems for applications such as dredging, or suction pile installation, although more complex and unique applications can easily be accommodated.

Typical examples of intervention tools which OceanWorks International offers include:
Torque Tools
Cable Cutters
Hot Stabs
Suction Anchor Skids
Dredging Skids
Flange Tie-in Systems
Seal Removal and Replacement Tools
Water Jetting Tools
ROV Hooks
ROV Docking Probes

Components and Subsystems -

Custom designed components or subsystems can be provided for clients who require specific system functionality and capability. This includes items such as control and power systems, valve packs and power pack assemblies.

Standard control systems have been designed for OceanWorks International's product lines, including Remora, HARDSUIT™ and PRMS. Custom designs are available for ROV's, trenching systems and subsea tooling.

Submarine Rescue Systems

OceanWorks offers a variety of submarine rescue vehicles and options to its clients. Each system is configured to specific client specifications.

Each system is equipped with a unique, patented, articulated skirt with a 45 or 60 degree mating angle and is designed for 500 to 730 metre operating depths. The systems are offered with a variety of options, including a tethered or untethered option, Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS), Air Transport Options, Transfer Under Pressure (TUP) and Deck Decompression Chambers (DDC).

The submarine rescue systems are designed to be simple to operate and cost effective to buy and maintain. They are built to commercial certification standards (eg. Det Norske Veritas-DNV, American Bureau of Shipping ABS or Lloydâs) or to customer specified military standards (e.g. NAVSEA).